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Nick Bettlach


Springfield Primrose West Office

1615 E. Primrose St.
Springfield, MO 65804

"you're the best!!! Always going above and beyond!! You have been a blessing for us and our house/land hunting for sure!"

- Jane Kuzma

October 12, 2017

"It’s funny how a chance meeting could turn into a warm, friendly and professional relationship.  I was driving out in the country (Strafford) and had stopped to look at a house for sale when Nick, passing by on his..."

- Karen Bushmna

August 14, 2017

"Thank you for everything, you're awesome!"

- Sarah Bowlby

March 30, 2017


Service Area

Springfield and surrounding cities up to 40 miles

Professional Experience

Nick was born and raised in the Springfield/Southwest Missouri area and knows it well. After graduating from Strafford High he went to OTC and got his certificate in business management. From age 16 to 24 he worked at his family’s grocery store they owned and operate. Starting at the bottom and trying to work his way to the very top taught him the value of hard work. You can see that clearly in his daily grind and activities. He loves sports still plays full contact football to this day with an eleven man league in town here. Him and his family love going to table rock lake and other attractions down in Branson. He has accomplished much already with his wife and three beautiful kids, but they never slow down, who does with three kids? The loss of one parent at a young age has humbled this man, and he always seems to stay positive. This must be because he has seen things much worse and can handle a heavy load. He has also seen things that are very nice in his life, like some of his families homes that own grocery stores, and it is clear which lifestyle he has chosen to pursue.

    Since switching careers to real estate Nick has become a Realtor. Completing his code of ethics classes, schooling through real estate express online, Murney training programs and more to be as knowledgeable and helpful has anyone. He is looking for lifetime clients to build relationships with, not just put a sign up in your yard never to be seen again. He will be there every step of the way, with the Murney team right behind him. He’s qualified to help you find your dream home, sell the house your currently in, or a great combination of the two. Getting the best deal in a timely manner with no hassle to you is his goal. Give him a call today at 417-879-7274 and let him tell you what all value he can add to your life himself. CALL BETTLACH and you can BET your get A LOT!!


Languages Spoken

  • English


  • business certificate
  • Photo of 1309 South 9th Street

    1309 South 9th Street

    Residential|MLS# 60075296
    3 Bed| 2/0 Bath |1,920 Sq.Ft.

  • Photo of 108 East Slim Wilson Boulevard

    108 East Slim Wilson Boulevard

    Residential|MLS# 60072170
    3 Bed| 2/0 Bath |1,142 Sq.Ft.

  • Photo of 212 West Broadmoor Street

    212 West Broadmoor Street

    Residential|MLS# 60078096
    3 Bed| 1/1 Bath |1,140 Sq.Ft.

you're the best!!! Always going above and beyond!! You have been a blessing for us and our house/land hunting for sure!

- Jane Kuzma

It’s funny how a chance meeting could turn into a warm, friendly and professional relationship.  I was driving out in the country (Strafford) and had stopped to look at a house for sale when Nick, passing by on his way elsewhere, pulled over and asked me if I was interested in the home.  I told him “Not really”.  Turned out Nick was a realtor, and, intriguingly, new to the profession.  He presented me with one of his business-cards, and left to attend his meeting.   It was a few days later, though I had only entertained a notion of buying a home that I called Nick and told him what I wanted:  Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, privacy and to remain nearby or in Nixa where I was presently renting and had owned a home before.  Nick threw himself into the endeavor of finding me a home.  Not a house, but a home.  A good neighborhood.  Somewhere a single, middle-aged woman would not only feel safe, but proud to call her own.  We looked at several different houses in several neighborhoods, reaching out to every corner of my desired area and beyond.  At some of the homes I would spend a long time trying to place and picture my belongings, measuring, plotting, and scheming.  Other homes we would walk in and pretty much turn right back around and leave, knowing they just weren’t suitable to my needs.   Through every single part of the house-hunting process, the driving from home to home, the emails, the long phone calls I submitted Nick to, the questions, the asking and re-asking of even more questions, the heat we beared up to, the rain, the mud we tromped through on some occasions, then, eventually the bidding process, and nail-biting wait to see if my bid was approved, Nick remained supportive and good-natured.  I lost to a few bidding wars, and when I wanted to give up, felt defeated and hopeless, Nick reassured me my home was waiting for me, and there was a reason to have “missed out” to other bidders.    And then, low and behold….we found THE house.  The one that instantly said, “Welcome home, Karen”.  It needed new carpeting, toilets, popcorn ceiling removal; work on the yard….but it made me peaceful to be there, to be enclosed in the private, treed, tranquil yard.  The energy of the home was clean, honest, and happy.  So…..we put in a bid, and waited once again.  When the seller’s agent was slow to respond, or dropped the ball during the process, Nick was there to pick it up, and carry both sides of the closing if that’s what it took.   I knew Nick was going to earn a commission from the purchase of the home, still, I felt he was personally invested in my future, and truly wanted me to find a place that would comfort and  safeguard me for years to come.    When the actual closing occurred (my bid was accepted, yippee), Nick was present for the closing, gift in hand, once again supportive.  He actually helped me pack, move, mowed my new yard, and did some power-washing on the exterior siding.  That’s was part of the beauty of Nick, and my luck at having found him so early in the realty word, and hungry, willing and able.   I would recommend Nick to any friend, family member or co-worker that may be looking for a home, or simply property on which to build their dream home.  He is honest, sincere, energetic, and has a good sense of humor---something that comes in handy after a long day of trekking about looking at a variety of houses.   I can’t thank him enough for helping this tentative, unsure woman bloom into a savvy home-buyer that now has a permanent place to hang her hat and heart. 

- Karen Bushmna

Thank you for everything, you're awesome!

- Sarah Bowlby

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